Michaël Gras



Art photography
Portrait - Child at the window of an old train wagon in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - © MichaelGras


Street Photography - Man walking and watching his phone in Aix, France - © MichaelGras

Street Photography

Travel Photography - Handicraft workers preparing bamboo early in the morning near Inle, Myanmar - © MichaelGras

Travel Photography

Urban landscape - Old yellow train in Cambodia - © MichaelGras

Urban Landscapes

Commercial - Private VIP OM Club 1899 and its Champaign - © MichaelGras

Corporate Photography

Art photography

Though I have been involved in many different projects, art photography is an important aspect of my work. Whatever the topic or command I am working on, I do always try to take pictures with interesting aesthetics. In spite of having started with black and white photography, the many colors of Asia educated my eyes to contrasts and harmony. I hence try to frame my subjects with the view of giving them special lighting, background or by embedding them in a certain geometry.
I do not have a set definition of what is or makes Art. To me, any picture that is able to convey an emotion has some art in it. Art photography then becomes the challenge to move people thanks to an image. Sometimes, emotions will arise from something the viewer will recognize as “beautiful”. On the contrary, some people will feel more for a picture which bugs them. Because of something asymmetric or something off in the way it’s been framed. Besides all of that, there are people who only care about what is depicted on the picture.
As far as I’m concerned, I do not differentiate into categories. I do not indeed pretend to make art. All I do is trying to take pictures which will trigger something in the viewers’ minds or hearts. Pictures worth watching.
Therefore, I humbly present this portfolio to you. By doing so, I hope that you will find some pictures interesting and, or, that you will be moved by some of them.
If you like what you see here and want to get in touch, you can contact me thanks to the contact form of this website or at contact@michaelgras.com. Additionally, you can also follow me or interact with me on my social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.