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International photographer

Though based in France, I am an international photographer. Using photography to build bridges between different people and cultures is what I consider both a necessity and an honor. For more information about my work, you can visit the about page of this website. Please also feel free to send me a message for any query, artistic collaboration or feedback on my work you may have.

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Should you prefer to get in touch with me on social media, I have an Instagram account where you can drop me a line.

International photographer

I think that photography and travel are intrinsically linked. Indeed, part of what makes a picture worth taking is its ability to amaze us. Of course, that can be done thanks to perfect staging and control of the light. Fashion photography or promotional images do belong to this category and can be breathtakingly beautiful. But I’m not that interested in the art of staging things.
On the contrary, I value the other sort of amazement way more. Discovery and surprise are its key components. Traveling to some place new to open a fresh eye on the world, and taking pictures of it to share with people is an important part of what drives me in photography. Instead of keeping my old job or becoming a studio photographer, that is the reason why I chose to become an international photographer.
Even though I am based in France – one has to have a home somewhere, innit ? -, I am regularly working on projects abroad, both personal and international.
If you would like to work on a common project, please feel free to reach out to me!