Michaël Gras


  • Portrait - Enfant Fenêtre Wagon Train, Cambodge - © Michael Gras Photographe Indépendant
Michaël Gras

Michaël Gras is a freelance photographer based in France. His work mainly revolves around humans and human activities. With the view to document them, he carries out travel photography, street photography and social reports projects. He also works for companies in need of pictures for their communication. When doing do, he focuses on the know-how and social added value of both the company and its employees.
Michaël started his photographic carrer in Cambodia. He was originally working for the French diplomacy. But the vivid colors and rich culture of Asia made him chose the camera over the keyboard, and human interactions over project management. Not only were Asia and its people beautiful and inspiring, but they also were facing great challenges. Indeed, many Asian countries face several burning social, economic and political issues. Issues Michaël now hopes to contribute solving thanks to his photographic works.
Based in France since 2018, he works on two fronts. On one hand, he provides the private sector with corporate photography – stimulating creation through exchanges and communication. On the other hand, he carries out social photography projects. Thanks to his pictures, he hopes to shed light on positive initiatives centered around human development and environment preservation.
Though based in France, Michaël Gras is traveling often and ready to take on any interesting abroad opportunity or contract. His international experience gives him the ability to adapt and work proactively with and within multicultural environments.

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For more details about Michaël, please visit the about page. In addition, his artistic work is accessible in the Portfolio section of this website. Please also feel free to contact him for any information, cooperation or quotation request. You can reach him through the contact form of this website or at contact@michaelgras.com. Finally, you can follow him on his social media pages: Facebook and Instagram.